Recommended Reading

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Recommended Reading


Bicycling the Pacific Coast

Vicky Spring and Tom Kirkendall

This book describes the full route we plan to take in great turn by turn detail. It includes overviews of the trip as well as introductions to each of the states we are going to pass though. This should be an indispensable guide for any riding in this part of the world.


Cycle-Touring Handbook

Stephen Lord

A great introduction into cycle touring with detailed recommendations on each bit of gear you might need. Also includes route outlines for rides all over the world.


The Man Who Cycled the World

Mark Beaumont

Making our trip look easy.


Cycling Austrailia First Edition Cycling Australia Second Edition

Lonely Planet

Both good guides, especially for the Great Ocean Road and Tasmania. However, only the first edition (with the orange cover) has the ride from Brisbane to Melbourne.

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  • [...] website lists stockists. If you’re used to the turn-by-turn directions offered by books like Bicycling the Pacific Coast then you may find Pedallers’ Paradise a bit lacking in detail, and more confusingly laid out. [...]

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