Hit the Road

The Teton spur

After an enthusiastic recommendation from a cyclist we met in Yellowstone (roryrides.com) we took another small diversion in to the Grand Tetons national park. The 20 mile or so trip off the route is well worth it for the beautiful camping spot at Jenny Lake and the amazing ride toward these mountains which seem to…

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Three states and two divide crossings in one day

I’d like to say it was a feat of endurance but it’s actually just a freak of geography that allowed us to ride from Montana in to Idaho for 20 miles then back in to Montana before crossing in to Wyoming. We finish the the day camping on the rim of the super-volcano that is…

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Side trip to Glacier National Park

We took a slight detour in to Glacier National Park. Took a rest from the bikes for a day and hiked the terrific Highline trail which clings to the side of the mountain. Five hours of hiking made this rest day seem like quite hard work!