Hit the Road


May 2012: San Francisco to the Atlantic Coast

This expedition takes us from San Francisco to Yorktown on the East coast of the USA, following the Western Express and TransAmerica cycle routes from the Adventure Cycling Association.


Cycling the TransAm from Pueblo to Yorktown

Picking up the TransAm at Pueblo, CO we head Eastward toward Yorktown on the Virginia coast.


3760 Miles From Sea to Shining Sea

We’ve made it! San Francisco to Yorktown on the Western Express and Transam cycle routes from ACA


Mad Dogs and Englishmen: Cycling in the Kentucky Sun

Turns out the heatwave was more trouble than the renowned wild dogs of Kentucky

Welcome to Illinois, Another Sign for the Collection

As we enter Illinois I can check off another Welcome sign in to my growing collection. 8 down, 42 to go…


Corn, Wheat & Wind: Kansas Marks our 8000th Mile

Strong sidewinds slow our progress a little, but can’t stop us powering through 8000 miles since we started in Vancouver 10 months ago


Blazing Saddles: Cycling the Western Express

The Western Express cycling route from the Adventure Cycling Association goes from San Francisco through Nevada and Utah to Pueblo in Colorado

Cycling the Loneliest Road in America

Life Magazine termed highway 50 between Fallon and Ely the Loneliest Road in America. There’s certainly not a lot there, but lots of friendly faces for passing cyclists


Cycling Supplies: Inside the Food Bag

A selection of supplies from the tucker bag that will keep us going through the desert. Dessert not included.