Hit the Road

Indiana pass and the last Gatorade

Alternative titles included “Indiana pass and the riders of the lost park”, “Indiana pass and the pedal of doom” and “Indiana pass and the kingdom of the tired legs”. Okay, the last one needs some work, but I had four hours and 4000ft of climb this morning to think of good set of titles. Let…

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Gentlemen of the road, Salida stopover

We stopped for a day off in the lovely Colorado town of Salida. It was surprising to see all the shops and businesses draped in Union flags when we arrived. I assumed they had heard we were coming and decided to make a bit of effort for us. But it turns out that it’s for…

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Climbing out of Brekenridge, Co

When we looked at the map this morning we were a little worried by the 2000ft climb out of Brekenridge Colorado over just 10 miles. But when it came to it, the grade wasn’t too bad and the views more than made up for the uphill slog. From the beautiful ski resort town the road…

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Blazing Saddles: Cycling the Western Express

The Western Express cycling route from the Adventure Cycling Association goes from San Francisco through Nevada and Utah to Pueblo in Colorado