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Climbing out of Brekenridge, Co

When we looked at the map this morning we were a little worried by the 2000ft climb out of Brekenridge Colorado over just 10 miles. But when it came to it, the grade wasn’t too bad and the views more than made up for the uphill slog.

From the beautiful ski resort town the road climbs gently around expensive looking lodges and holiday homes as it winds up the side of the hill. The tarmac ends and is replaced with bright red rocky outcrops which hug the road as it twists up. Even in mid August the mountain tops round here are capped with snow and we were pretty much reaching the tree line and the odd remaining snow deposit.

We finally reached Boreas Pass at 11,482ft, continental divide crossing #16 (#20 for us because of our diversions in Wyoming). We rolled a few miles down the other side and got our tent pitched just in time to hear the thunder booming out over the mountain top as a storm broke on the other side.


Peter • Brekenridge, Co • 16th August 2015

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  1. dutchies 17th August 2015 - 12:04 am Reply

    Hello guys,
    Nice to read the post. We will be climbing the Pass tomorrow. Good to know it’s doable. see ya.
    Rob & Leonie

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