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3760 Miles From Sea to Shining Sea

It’s taken exactly two months, but we’ve finally made it across the US from San Francisco to Yorktown.

Fittingly, Yorktown is where the British surrendered to the Colonial forces in the American War of Independence. Luckily we’re made of stronger stuff and won’t let something as trivial as a transcontinental bicycle crossing defeat us!

Thanks to all the friendly people of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky and Virginia who have stopped to chat or offered food and lodging along the way.


Peter • Yorktown, va • 13th July 2012

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  1. Dad and Mum 13th July 2012 - 3:21 pm Reply

    Yehh really knocked out . Congratualtions again.

    Well done

  2. Ted and Peggy 16th July 2012 - 5:26 pm Reply

    We were so pleased to have you stay with us, to hear your stories and share some of ours. I hope the treats we sent with you made it to your ‘elevenses’ at least and I hope the torrent of rain missed you! We wish you the best of tailwinds and downhills as you continue your journey.

    To your parents and siblings….. these two young men are the best. Congratulations to you.

    To anyone following these fellows …… OPEN YOUR DOORS WIDE TO THEM…. FEED THEM AND HOUSE THEM…… MAKE THEM WELCOMED THE BEST WAYS YOU CAN. They are wonderful guests with wonderful stories.

    • Dad and Mum 19th July 2012 - 12:01 pm Reply

      Hi Ted and Peggy We do not know you, but really do.
      Thanks to you and all who have shown so much help and kindness to Pete and Ian in their Journey
      It does restore ones faith in humanity when world news focuses on the other side.

      Arthur and Linda Smith

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