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Tweeted Trips: How to Show Your Tweets on a Map

Twitter on a Map

Like many other long-distance cyclists, we are big Twitter users.

Twitter is great way for us to provide a quick update on our progress, to contact other cyclists and share in their adventures. Yet, with only 140 characters in each tweet, it is often difficult to provide the full context of where you currently are or to provide the full story of where you have been over the last weeks or months.

In short, we have been looking for a straightforward way to display our tweets on a map. We couldn’t find anything suitable currently available, so we created it ourselves.

Introducing… TweetedTrips.com

Our web-based tool allows tweeting travellers to create and share an interactive map of their tweets, complete with their photos and an ‘Indiana Jones-style’ map-line. It’s free and easy to set up – you can create your map in less than a minute.

You can create your own tweeted trip map here. 

The map will review your old tweets and automatically plot all the ‘location-tagged’ tweets. Once saved, your map will continue to update as you tweet your journey and tweet your photos (compatible with Twitpic, Yfrog, Instagram and more).

Once your map is created, it is easy to log and tweet your location. Either use the ‘location’ feature on Twitter to locate your tweets, or manually locate them on your draft map. Find yourself without GPS / location-service in a remote area… then simply type your location in square brackets into your tweet itself, e.g. “[Springfield, OR]”. If you don’t want a tweet to appear on your map… don’t locate it. It’s that simple.

You can then share your map with friends and followers. You can even embed the map in your blog or website. See our example map below… it’s embedded and interactive – go on… click it! 

You can explore other Twitter users’ adventures and maps – click here.

Ian • 18th April 2012

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