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My Kinda Toon: Camping on Newcastle Island

Our first day’s riding took us over to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. When I spotted a little island just off the harbour called Newcastle Island I couldn’t resist booking us in there for our first night’s camp.

Watch out for the raccoons. Apparently they have learned how to open zips and will happily sneak in to your tent and wander out with your backpack. No backpacking raccoons were spotted on the island while I was there.

A Little History

Coal was discovered on Newcastle Island, but none of the locals had any knowledge or experience of how to mine it. So they put a call in and shipped over a whole load of miners from Newcastle, England to set up a mining operation there.

Lesson Learned

If you want a job doing properly, bring in the Geordies!

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Peter • Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada • 30th August 2011

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