Cycling Supplies: Inside the Food Bag

May 18, 2012 by     3 Comments     Posted under: Kit, Trans-America
Cycling Supplies: Inside the Food Bag

The next few days will have limited grocery stores so we’ve stocked up on some food supplies to keep us going. Lots of dried pasta, rice and any other carbs we can get to give us a bit of variety.

Most recent food success is Idahoan dried potatoes (garlic flavour). I don’t know what they do, but it’s better than any other instant potato, tastes great and weighs nothing.

Most recent food failure was cheeze-whiz. Aerosol cheese in a can which keeps forever. Pretty tasty, but unfortunately, the can went off in my pannier and coated the whole thing in synthetic cheese.

What are your cycling food recommendations?

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  • You have the power food – Polenta will get you anywhere!

  • Idahoan spuds are great. Like you said, light and tasty. We also like couscous. Comes in lots of flavors and SUPER easy to prepare. Boil water, wait, eat.

  • Just 72 jars of Nutella for me please, with a teaspoon!

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